bzChess Frequently asked questions

If you have any queries, questions, etc. that you reckon I should include answers to/forhere, you can easily enough fill in the comments form, once logged in.

Q: How should game play work?

A: Once you initiate a game, and both opponents agree on terms of game, as each player makes a move, their opponent should be notified. This also includes if the player is of the opinion that their move will in fact finalise the game state - as in they're effectively resigning, performing a checkmate, the game has reached stalemate/draw, etc. etc.

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Q: How do I make myself available for other users to challenge to play a game?

A: On the page where you can make changes to your account settings, like change your notification e-mail address, etc., there's a checkbox to state whether or not you want to be available for other users to send you a game challenge etc.

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